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The way you see the world creates your reality!

You are the only architect of your world,
Of your relationships,
Of your career,
Of your prosperity.

Every single aspect of your life is connected to your mindset!
You are who you think you are!
Sometimes this could get confusing, sometimes we rely too much on other people or we simply blame our karma, but as we might do all these, we forget one very basic thing.
We are the only protagonists in our own life and therefore the only architects of our change.

So let me ask you straight:

Now that the answer is YES, we just need to set the steps that will take you there.

Most people pick to do this the hard way by trying to change one aspect of their lives at a time. Obviously, as they do this, other areas and parts of their lives shall get affected.
More often than not, these guys will eventually quit completing the change. Sad but true!
Everything in our lives is strongly connected on one higher level, the level of our mindset. The only healthy and efficient way to bring a real change in our lives is by recreating our mindset.
Without a healthy mindset, any other changes will fade away sooner or later.

Let me introduce myself,

I’m Andrei

author of “Get rid of your therapist!!!” and as sharing life stories seems to be a trend nowadays, I’ll happily join and share mine.

I’ll start by saying that I didn’t t have a dramatic life as other people might have had, by the contrary, I had a great childhood, blessed with most loving parents, I am married for 23 years, with a wonderful woman and we have an amazing 13 years old boy. I worked most of my adult life as a travel manager, doing what I really loved doing – connecting with thousands of people from all over the world. Picture perfect!

Well not quite so, as it is in our human nature to look for more. We reach a point, at one moment, that we seek a much higher purpose in our lives: OUR MISSION!!!


Andrei Spirtaru Mindset Coach

I discovered my purpose, I fulfilled my dream of being of service to other people, helping them better understand themselves and that is only to enable them to reach out for the plentiness life can offer. I changed my career becoming a full-time coach, author and trainer. My studies in coaching, NLP, psychology, and various psychotherapies offered me the opportunity of achieving this and my greatest reward came in 2020, when I created and registered my own method of therapy (The Emotional-Cognitive Regression Therapy – TREC/ OSIM trade mark 168541/11.02.2020)
So, that’s me!


Uschi Hermann

Uschi Hermann, Reiki trainer

Shweta Acharya

Shweta Acharya, teacher

Natalie Speaksman

Natalie Speaksman, life coach

Mike Thundercliffe

Mike Thundercliffe, life coach/ trainer

Cagri Adal

Cagri Adal, life coach

People keep asking why did I write a book of self-coaching practice? A friend of mine even laughed at it: “Hey dude, what’s your plan here? Ready for early retirement? Don’t you need clients anymore? “

Well, in fact, I do! I do need my clients, but what I aim most is to guide them to reach the ability and dedication of doing the work by themselves. That’s why I wrote this book! Every single one of us should know how to coach ourselves, how to become emotionally independent, and definitely regain the joy of living.

Get rid of the therapist!!!” sets the foundation for improving your relationships, career, and financial freedom altogether, bringing them to a whole new level. Now, this book is offered for free for those following the amazing 3-month coaching and mentoring journey called MINDSET REVOLUTION. 

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The million-dollar coaching program

by the author of
“Get Rid of Your Therapist!!!”

MINDSET REVOLUTION is about becoming aware of what you really need in your life.



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