Do goals work?

Do Goals work?
Yes. I’ve made them. Hit them. Exceeded them. Our world is governed by goals.
Every coach or person who desires to inspire others may teach you how to set goals. And achieve them.
Hit your goal. Feel excited. Celebrate.

But, then…
after you achieve that goal, you wonder what’s next?
And if there isn’t anything else?
This can be the start of severe depression.
In the pursuit of “getting it”
We fall away from who we are.

Sometimes we give up who we are
so we can become who we need to be
in order to get “things.”

Yet our heart breaks
because in the pursuit of what we wanted
“out there,”
We lost what we really wanted
“in there.”

Goals should be about what we are.
Then about what we do.
And only finally about what to get.
That’s the right path.

Because otherwise…
You get things that are not satisfying you

So, how to achieve things without losing ourselves in the process?
Without burning out…
And with enjoying every stage of the process.

This is the moment when you have to change your mindset.

Ask yourself: What do I really want? And even more important: Why do I need this?

  • It’s because I want so or because some other people want it?
  • It’s because I want to take revenge on someone or something?
  • It’s because of my wounded EGO?


Now, stop for a moment! Take a deep breath…

Surender at how wonderful life can be.
When the goals you set are only yours,
Are about you, how to feel, about how to be…
About your happiness.

No matter what your goal is,
Think first…
Why do you have that goal?
What does it mean?

Is this my goal? Is this about me?

If you want a goal. Go get it.
If you don’t. That’s great too.

This is called the ECOLOGY of goal setting.
Your goals are changing the world. Your world.
It’s something most people won’t tell you. But now, as you know it, this can change your life!

This is the beginning of your Mindset Revolution!