The mindset challenge

Let’s talk about emotional intelligence! Emotional intelligence is something all of us should learn. It gives us a purpose in life, and that purpose brings us to what happiness is about.
To grow our EQ, we have to understand the four levels of consciousness we might accede:

At the first level, our actions result from what society wants from us. Our actions result from external references. It’s “living inside the matrix.” Over 70% of the people stay for their whole life at the first level—the level where the beliefs are mainly created by other people. Because of this, happiness is just a dream, as it’s not controlled by you.

The second level of consciousness is where we become aware there’s something more around us than what we can see. It’s about perceiving things rather than seeing them. This is the level of awakening, our perspective about the world is changing as we become more aware of our internal references. At this level, we work with creative visualization and we imagine the world from our perspective.

In the third level of consciousness, we begin to co-create our new world. As we become skillful at creative visualization, our awareness raises to a new level. We begin to see all the opportunities we didn’t see until then. It is the level of intuition. This is the first level where you understand that “impossible” is just a state of mind and not reality. But the change comes with a price. At this level, accept that you have to let some things go in order to achieve better ones.

In the fourth level, we live our purpose. It’s the level where we create our reality. You’re no longer influenced either owned by society but influence it. Accomplishing your life’s purpose day after day, you’ll find happiness as a state of being.

Now tell me, where do you think you are at this moment of your life?
At what level of your consciousness?

If you feel stuck at the first level or you’re somewhere inside level 2 but don’t know which way to take to move farther, then Mindset Revolution coaching and mentoring program is what you need. You’ll learn how to finally escape from the matrix and the rewards will appear in every aspect of your life: emotional health, relationships, business, and career.

Are you already using creative visualization and feeling yourself somewhere between the second of the third level of consciousness? Your journey may continue using the Mindset Blast coaching program. This program is about co-creating your world. It’s about increasing the power of your intuition at its best.

Going to the top it’s not something easy. The ones that are already in the third level of consciousness may be already experienced the magic. You know that this magic comes at a price. The price of repositioning yourself. Your challenge is the lonely runner challenge. That’s where the Mindset Ultra program can make a difference in your life. This is the ultimate program, the one that’s bringing you to the level of merging yourself with your life purpose, and it will be my honor if you decide to share this part of your journey with me. Mindset Ultra is the ultimate mentoring journey. It is the journey where you’ll be the master architect of the change.

So, once again, where are you right now? Have the courage to step ahead and take your mindset challenge!